Discover serenity in the simplicity of  ritual.

This collection of tea cups and a poised teapot is a homage to the grounding power of creative daily routines. In the heart of a bustling studio, amidst the flux of a flexible schedule, a noon tea ritual emerged as a beacon of calm in my painting practice. This collection embodies my discovery—a reminder of the transformative strength found in ritualistic moments.

Beyond miniature canvases and delicate strokes lies an invitation—an invitation to explore the nexus between creativity and the solace found in seemingly ordinary moments.
Owning a piece from this collection isn't just acquiring art; it's embracing a way of life. It's a call to infuse your days with rituals that ground, center, and elevate your spirit.

May these paintings ignite a desire within you to create your own moments of tranquility and connection, weaving rituals that enrich your day.


“Blue Teapot”, oil on panel, 4x4 inches, 2023

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“Purple Teacup”, oil on panel, 4x4 inches, 2023

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“Apple Green Teacup”, oil on panel, 4x4 inches, 2023

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