In 2024, I'm creating 366 unique acrylic paintings on postcards, each reflecting my daily experiences and experiments. Sign up for my newsletter for updates.

These 4x6 and 5x7 inch acrylics, started in 2020 as studio warm-ups, now help fund my medical and dental care. Crafted on Canson and FuntoArt watercolor postcards, these affordable pieces have been collected worldwide. I believe everyone deserves to call themselves an art collector.

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“Source”, 47 (5x7 inch) 

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“Be Prepared For Miracles, 46 (5x7 inch)

“Eat Me”, 45 (5x7 inch)

“Your Deceased Loved One Follows Me On Instagram”, 44 (5x7 inch)

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“View”, 43 (5x7 inch)

“Tops Bottoms”, 42 (5x7 inch)

“The Audience Is Watching”, 41 (5x7 inch)

“Seen”, 40 (5x7 inch)

“Reliable”, 39 (5x7 inch)

“Playtime”, 38 (5x7 inch)

“Order”, 37 (5x7 inch)

“Oops”, 36 (5x7 inch)

“On Hold Music Is Demonic”, 35 (5x7 inch)

“No I”, 34 (5x7 inch)

“Memory Lives”, 33 (5x7 inch)

“Love Me Carefully, 32 (5x7 inch)

“Goo Cave”, 31 (5x7 inch)

“Fear Not”, 30 (5x7 inch)

“But”, 29 (5x7 inch)

“Big Blob”, 28 (5x7 inch)

“Run”, 27 (5x7 inch)

“Butch Please”, 26 (5x7 inch)

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“Soul Tired”, 25 (5x7 inch)

“For You”, 24 (5x7 inch)

“Oink”, 23 (5x7 inch)

“Still”, 22 (5x7 inch)

“General”, 21 (5x7 inch)

“Say Yes”, 20 (5x7 inch)

“Cat God”, 19 (5x7 inch)

“Ok”, 18 (5x7 inch)

“It’s Chronic”, 17 (5x7 inch)

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“Choose Again”, 16 (5x7 inch)

“Growing Alone”, 15 (5x7 inch)

“A Hill To Live On, Thrive On”, 14 (5x7 inch)

“Sometimes it’s better to just go to bed”, 13 (5x7 inch)

“Best I could do after a vicious dental appointment”, 12 (5x7 inch)

“Let Go, Jump In”, 11 (5x7 inch)

“Clown”, 10 (5x7 inch)

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“I Need You”, 9 (5x7 inch)

“Migraine King”, 8 (5x7 inch)

“Beloved”, 7 (5x7 inch)

“Play”, 6 (5x7 inch)

“Keep Fighting”, 5 (5x7 inch)

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“Roman Bust From Temu” 4 (5x7 inch)

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“Diana, The Moon Goddess” 3 (5x7 inch)

“ICU”, 2 (5x7 inch)

“Betting On Me”, 1 (5x7 inch)