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Dark Bloom” Limited Edition Print on Fine Art Barytra Paper, 8x10 in, 2024

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Printed on high-quality luxurious Fine Art Barytra Paper, this 8x10 inch print embodies elegance and beauty. Ideal for discerning collectors, it adds sophistication to any space.

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About Dark Bloom: 

"Dark Bloom," recently showcased by La Mer, a subsidiary of Estee Lauder, in a captivating 3-part video series, embodies my journey through meditation, chronic pain, and exploration of alternative experiences like mushroom trips.

To me, "Dark Bloom" symbolizes emerging from life's darkest moments and flourishing despite adversity. It's about embracing the wonders of existence and resisting challenges as a form of true presence in both body and mind. Pleasure and beauty, found within this artwork, serve as queer resistance to pain in all its forms.

Owning a print of "Dark Bloom" means inviting this narrative into your space—a daily reminder of resilience and the beauty found within life's challenges. Each brushstroke tells a story of triumph and perseverance, inspiring you to find joy amidst adversity.

Join me in celebrating the triumph of the human spirit with "Dark Bloom" adorning your walls, a visual testament to the resilience and beauty inherent in every journey.

(Please note that the print is extremely close to the original and that depending on how it is photographed and lit, it can display as lighter or darker)