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Meet the Artist & Mentor

Founder of the Moon Cheese Curator

I am an American artist, painting instructor, and creative mentor specializing in gestural abstraction and figuration. Holding a BFA in painting from Tyler School of Art, along with an MFA in studio arts and a certificate in mentorship from Concordia University, my artistic journey has been rooted in a solid academic foundation.

With a rich background as a University professor, online mentor, and Master Clutch Artisan in Haute Couture fashion design, I bring a diverse range of experiences to the Moon Cheese Curator project. My work has been showcased in prestigious exhibitions across the UK, Canada, and the USA, garnering recognition in esteemed media outlets and publications such as Create Magazine, Alien Literary Magazine, and NPR Radio/WHYY.

Combining the technical proficiency of an accomplished art school professor, the organizational acumen of an international fashion production manager, and the resilience of a disabled working artist, I am committed to equipping fellow creatives with the tools and mindset necessary to thrive in the complexities of the art world. Together, let's redefine conventions and forge our own pathways to success.

In 2021, I transitioned back to a full-time focus on contemporary painting and education, leaving behind the world of fashion. I am driven by a fervent dedication to coaching neurodivergent artists, individuals living with disabilities, and any artist seeking transformative change. My purpose is to empower artists with the essential resources and a unique mindset that will enable them to expand their creative horizons.

I firmly believe that transformative experiences, even those marked by darkness and adversity, can serve as powerful assets in the studio. Drawing from a profound tapestry of personal experiences, academic pursuits, and genuine empathy, I extend these qualities to my students and clients. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet and collaborate with you.

Your presence in the Moon Cheese community is deeply valued. I extend my gratitude to every artist who chooses to contribute their knowledge, artistry, and experiences to our collective journey.

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“Dark Bloom”, 3x4ft , oil on canvas, 2022, Available by Artist