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About the Moon Cheese Curator 
Founded in 2020, The Moon Cheese Curator is a project carved out within the boundless expanse of the internet, representing both the art and holistic vitality of the artist.

Everything that we are, we infuse into our art. The Moon Cheese Curator project supports artists with the belief that we are complete beings, containing contradictory multitudes and experiences.

My approach is holistic: representing whole individuals whose lives encompass trials and tribulations often overlooked by typical curatorial and art community standards. Here, I champion artists who create artwork through and around these experiences; their stories highlight how their bodies influence their art. Chronic pain and illness, disability, challenging health experiences, everyday aging, and changes to the body all play a role in our development as artists and art workers.

As we navigate our identities, we often segment ourselves into facets: star signs, places of origin, schools, genders, diagnoses, ethnicities, sexualities, belief systems, language groups, and aesthetics. Recognizing all of our layers and acknowledging the various influences on who we are can be profoundly meaningful, but viewing ourselves as divided and categorized has its enriching limits.

While Moon Cheese Curator gives priority to the intersection of art-making and the body, my community mandate primarily emphasizes inclusivity and access. An artist's creation is a living embodiment of an amalgamation of intangible and material circumstances that should not be confined to a single identity politic or rule. This platform serves as a conduit for artistic narratives without allegiance to any exclusive alliance or tradition.

In addition to being a platform for artistic expression, Moon Cheese Curator is also dedicated to education, collaborative partnerships, and to providing resources for a successful art career. I believe in fostering an environment where artists can learn, collaborate, and thrive in their creative endeavors.

The Moon Cheese Curator is open to artists who:

come as they are,

make art,

tell their story,

and call others in.

Everyone is welcome.

For now, join the Moon Cheese community by following on Instagram ︎